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Shadow & Shake (Carpenter, Masterson)

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CARD MAGIC
  • Product Type: BOOK

Every one of our copies has been hand-autographed by Jamie Masterson.

The video trailer will show you what the effect is. It is basically a major visual and fooling advancement on the classic “The Last Trick of Dr. Jacob Daily,” by Jack Carpenter and Jamie Masterson, where the red aces change places with the black aces.

Here is what Jack Carpenter wrote in the Introduction: “This visually explosive extrapolation never fails to evoke audible gasps with lay audiences and is one of the most satisfying sequences I perform. It hits all the notes that are important to me: The effect is clear and concise, can be performed surrounded, is gimmickless, and totally impromptu.”

The basic routine is a three-phase transposition routine that looks and feels impossible. But it does not take 44 pages to explain one card trick. What makes this book special are the many additional optional climax endings, professional performance tips, psychology, and advanced fingertip visuals and much more.

The book teaches alternate handlings, options and sequences that are interchangeable within the body of the main routine based on a person's skill level. This allows you to customize your own routine based on what feels most comfortable.

Published by Jamie Masterson and Jack Carpenter in 2020. 44-pages, 57-illustrations, 8.5” x 11” comb bound book. All our copies are hand-autographed by Jamie Masterson.

"This is the ultimate way to do the Last Trick of Jacob Daley - and so much more. I cannot wait to add this to the repertoire." …Allan Ackerman

“I thoroughly enjoyed Shake and Shadow. It’s a little masterpiece of visual magic and not difficult to do either. Great thinking guys.” …Mike Powers

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