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Bill Wisch's Card Magic Video

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CARD MAGIC
  • Product Type: VIDEO DOWNLOAD

Bill Wisch is an expert magician and a long-time student and promoter of the magic of Slydini. Bill is also the only person who Slydini gave permission to lecture on his original routines and techniques.

Volume three of this series features the card magic that Bill Wisch created combining Slydini’s teachings and his own ingenuity.  Along with the routines you will also learn many original and little-known techniques that can be applied to your current repertoire.

Routines and techniques performed and explained:
►Card To Box & The St. Louis Rising Card:
One of Bill’s favorite routines involves a pair of dice, a deck of cards and a small box. After a short interlude with some dice, a card is selected and signed. The card then rises out of the deck, vanishes, and appears folded inside the box that was in full view the entire time. Techniques taught: The Dr. Sack Dice Move, Nate Leipzig Double Lift, Cliff Green Double Lift, Pop Double Lift, The Ovette Master Move, and The Wisch Fold.
►Two Card Transpo: Two signed cards are used with one placed under a glass and the other on top of the glass. In an instant they change places. This is the Larry Jennings handling that does not use any duplicates.
►Charismatic Cards: You remove three cards from a shuffled deck and place them on the table. Three spectators then select three cards that match your predictions perfectly. Techniques taught: No-Lap Switch.
►Vernon's Card Trick That Fooled Houdini: A selected card is continuously placed second from the top but keeps jumping to the top of the deck.
►Bill’s Card To Wallet Routine: A selected card is lost in the deck and then divined and produced. The card is now signed and placed in the center of a fan of cards. The card is slowly pushed into the fan and used to fan your wallet. When the wallet is opened the signed card is found inside. You can use an ungaffed ordinary wallet for this routine.
►Card Under Coin: A card is selected and lost into the deck by the spectator. You then give the spectator a chance to win a coin by having them place any card under the coin as you explain that if their selected card is not under the coin they get to keep the coin. Everyone laughs when the card is not correct, but you win when you turn over the coin to show everyone that glued on the back of the coin is a miniature image of the selected card.
►Psy-Classic Force: Bill teaches his very clever force, that looks and feels like the Classic Force, but is easy direct and one-hundred percent accurate.
►Phan-Pass: Bill teaches how to easily do a fan spread pass without the pass. It looks the same and accomplishes the same thing but is much easier and does not have bad angles.
►Card Palm Change: Bill’s variation of an Irv Weiner sleight where you apparently place a selected card into the center of the deck, but it ends up on top or palmed out.
►Slydini's Optical Cut Variation: Bill teaches his vertical false cut.
►Optical Cut Aces: The four aces are lost in different parts of the deck and the cards are shuffled. You then cut to four cards which turn out to be the Aces.
►Good, Better, Best Poker: A stand-up packet routine where you show that you have four Kings and a ten then, four Aces and a ten, and finally a Royal Flush. The only move used is Bill’s Tip Count which allows you to do most counting tricks standing up with the cards facing the audience.

Bonus Section: To finish off the video you are treated to some extensive interviews where Bill discusses his life, career and influences. Discussions revolve around the Malta Three Card Monte, First Magical Inspiration, Tannen’s First Magic Shop Experience, First Trick A Stack Of Nickels, and A Lecture That Inspired A Lifetime.

A Meir Yedid Magic product. Original release date: 2021 (Recorded in 2004). Running time: Approximately 1-hour and 10-minutes.

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Bill Wisch's Card Magic

Media Type Digital Lesson

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