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Bill Wisch’s Slydini Style Video

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: VIDEO DOWNLOAD

A Masterclass in Timing, Rhythm, & Direction.

Bill Wisch is an expert magician and a long-time student and promoter of the magic of Slydini. Bill is also the only person who Slydini gave permission to lecture on his original routines and techniques.

This three-volume video set features the magic that Bill Wisch created using what he learned from Slydini. He also shares Slydini’s theories, techniques, and some routines.

Volume one of this three-volume video series is a masterclass on timing, rhythm, and misdirection. By studying what is on this video you will learn the many little secrets that made Slydini’s magic disarming and miraculous.

Routines and techniques performed and explained:
►Slydini' s Poker Deal:
A funny Poker themed interlude where your spectator receives five cards, and you end up with half the deck in your hand.
►Slydini Aces: A very clever method is involved in this routine where you lose the four Aces into the deck and let a spectator shuffle the cards. You can then find or reveal the Aces anyway you want.
►Slydini’s Seated Timing & Lapping Techniques: Bill explains how Slydini taught his students the proper way to sit at a table, at what distance, the rest positions, the various body movements, and other subtleties to control the angles for optimal cover and misdirection. Also discussed is the proper motivation for lapping.
►Slydini's Sugar Express: A classic Slydini routine where a spectator pours the contents of a sugar packet into his hand. The sugar then vanishes and appears back in the sugar packet. All is then wrapped up into a napkin ball and is vanished.
►Slydini's Napkin Ball Manipulation: This is a lengthy discussion about the Slydini system of doing magic, as illustrated using the vanish of a balled-up paper napkin. Along the way you are also taught many different Slydini techniques, subtleties, and his approach to sleight of hand. You are also taught the correct way to do the Slydini Revolve Vanish.
►Slydini’s Stand-Up Techniques: Bill explains Slydini’s thinking about how to stand and move on stage, with emphasis on foot positions.
►The Beat System: Bill and Slydini worked out a beat system based on Slydini's timing to be able to teach his rhythm and timing more easily. This in-depth interview teaches that system so you can apply it to your magic. Discussions surround the goals of the system, the four beats of the Classic Palm vanish, Slydini's Balls Over the Head Timing Beats, a beat sheet for beat sequence development, Bill’s beat sheet challenge, and much more.
►Bonus Section: To finish off the video you are treated to some extensive interviews where Bill discusses his life, career, and influences. Discussions revolve around how he met Slydini, Herb Zarrow’s generosity, I Wanna Really Learn Those Knots, Slydini's Performance Philosophy, and much more.

This video lays the groundwork for the Close-Up Magic and Card Magic vidoes of the series, that feature many routines that incorporate the beat system of easily learning, annotating, choreographing, practicing, and performing the magic.

A Meir Yedid Magic product. Original release date: 2021 (Recorded in 2004). Running time: Approximately 1-hour and 15-minutes.

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Bill Wisch's Slydini Style

Media Type Digital Lesson

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Customer Reviews

  • It is not only great to watch and learn these Slydini Classics but, Bill Wisch is the perfect teacher.

    5 Stars

    It is not only great to watch and learn these Slydini Classics but, Bill Wisch is the perfect teacher. Explaining all the little finesses that made this type of magic "fool the pants off you". Bargain priced and great material. Hope Bill produces more of these so we can learn the true "magic of Slydini".
    Thanks to MYmagic for having this available for us.
    Bob Durante

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