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Off The Wall Lecture Notes PDF (Meir Yedid)

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: PDF DOWNLOAD
  • Printed Edition also available (see below).

These are the first set of lecture notes that Meir Yedid used during his live appearances at magic clubs and conventions. This is a copy of the 1989 edition of the 1983 set of notes. You get to read about his off the wall ideas along with many gags and practical jokes. But there are also some excellent routines and some very original ideas. Get a glimpse into Meir's early humor and creativity.

Highlights Include:
Tip Top Aces: The four aces are placed on top of four different packets. The packets are gathered together and with a snap of the fingers all the aces are now on top of the deck.
Hal Meyers’ Laser Splice: A card routine using a toy ray gun that is used to shoot through the width of the deck. When the deck is riffled two half-cards shoot out the sides. They are the selected card that was just cut in half.
Killer Spiders: Using a windup toy that runs across the table Meir shares some funny gags, surprises and magic you can do with it. Items include: The Arouser, The Other Side Of Time, Misdirection Coin Vanish, The Intruder, Roach Motel Eruption, Coffee Treat, and Disco Disaster.
Sticky Ring Vanish: A finger ring is inserted into a purse frame and completely vanishes. It later appears on your pinkie.
Runaway Business Card: Your business card shoots out of the deck as you cut it to the table.
Handy Load: Borrow a handbag or use an examined empty paper bag then reach inside and produce a bunch of weird stuff. As a finale produce a rubber hand. Other ideas using rubber hands include: Transpo-Tip, Drive-Capade, Hotel Room Frolic and Cold Corps.
Point The Way: The predecessor to Meir’s Biting Sensations has a spectator select a card and when the cards are spread there is an arrow pictured across all their backs that points to one odd backed card that turns out to be the selection.
E.T.: A quick routine where a wilted flower comes back to life after an alien finger lights up over it.
Thermo Crystal Vanish: A special film is placed over your hand that reflects the five fingers through it. Suddenly one of the fingers fades away. When the film is removed only four fingers are left on your hand.
The Zig Zag Thumb: The classic stage illusion is done with your hands where the middle of your thumb apparently turns invisible.
Ten And A Half (1 on 1): A favorite finger routine Meir used to do where he would stand behind a spectator and put both hands in front of their face. Asked how many fingers they see they would say ten. When asked again they would say nine, a second later it goes back to ten than suddenly, a half dollar is produced saying ten-and-a-half. Also described are two funny finger gags: Finger Funny and Pet Shop Caper.

A Meir Yedid Magic product. Digital edition published by Meir Yedid in 2018. This is the 1989 expanded edition of the 1983 set of lecture notes. Written by Meir Yedid, 21-pages with some illustrations, digital PDF.

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Meir Yedid's Off The Wall Lecture Notes PDF (2.61 MB)

Media Type Digital Lesson

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