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How To Be A Fake Kreskin

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: MENTAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: BOOK
  • BONUS: A FREE Kreskin Collectible.

This is a book of stunts and tricks that Kreskin has collected to demonstrate supernatural abilities and hypnotic seeming impossibilities. All of them are very easy to accomplish and many of them are suitable to teach children how to exhibit some impossible powers.

Throughout Kreskin’s career there have been many detractors who tried to discredit him and publish what they thought he was doing. Many of those methods are also included in this book. It is kind of Kreskin exposing the exposers.

As David Meyer explained in the preface: “The experiments you will read in this book are the easy explanations of feats he has performed, but they are not what takes place when Kreskin actually performs. No, these are the methods proposed by Kreskin's imitators and detractors. With this book, Kreskin has decided to expose those who believe they are exposing him. If the methods contained in this book were actually used by Kreskin, he would not be revealing them in this or any other book.”

Contents include: Arm Levitation Stunt, The Sealed Eyelid Stunt, The Imaginary Insect, Imaginary Pain, Animal Hypnotism, Out On A Limb, Knee How Ma?, Help I’ve Fallen  And I Can’t Get Up, Child’s Play, Give Her A Hand, Reverse Tug-Of-War, The Spirit Touch, A Happy Medium, Table Tilting, Blindfold Basics, Psychometry, On The Fingers Of One Hand, A Mental Target, Card Divination, Eyeless Sight, The Kreskin Blindfold Deck, Color Divination, A Special Kreskin Book Test, and much more…

Written by The Amazing Kreskin. Published by Kreskin Inc. in 1996. 5.5”x8.25”, 158-pages, with some photographs, perfect-bound. Preface by David Meyer. Introduction by Kreskin. Every book has a bookplate, initialed by Meir Yedid, that states, “Purchased from the personal inventory of The Amazing Kreskin.”

With every purchase of this book, you will get a collectible color postcard that he used to sign at his ComiCon appearances. The postcard is 4”x6” and is blank on the back. This came from Kreskin’s personal archives and is likely worth more than the book.

Media Type Shipped Product

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