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Mental Power Is Real (The Amazing Kreskin)

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  • BONUS: A FREE Kreskin Collectible.

Subtitled as “How to Really Achieve Happiness, Fulfillment, Success,” this rare book is based on the motivational talks and demonstrations Kreskin used to give to corporate clients at their meetings and tradeshows.

Kreskin has become a legend in show business, with countless TV appearances and even a movie based on his life. This book discusses the strategies that led to that larger-than-life career. He teaches you how to think, act, and take advantage of opportunities that can enrich your life and help you succeed. The advice is applicable to just about anything that you want to achieve in life.

This is what Kreskin wrote in the introduction:

“This book is the fulfillment of a dream. I am revealing to you in greater detail many of the thoughts that I have reflected upon with audiences around the world. My entertainment as a Mentalist is based on a great truth, namely that the mind and the spirit are powerful forces.

I am not teaching you to read thoughts or to perceive the future; rather, I am sharing with you what I have learned and practiced in harnessing life and how you can make it an exciting and rewarding experience. In truth, the secret is within you yourself. It is a thrill for me to share with you what can be the keys to your kingdom.”

First Edition. Published by Fitness Factor in 2006. 148-pages, 5.75” x 8.75” hardcover with dustjacket. Every book has a bookplate, initialed by Meir Yedid, that states, “Purchased from the personal inventory of The Amazing Kreskin.”

With every purchase of this book, you will get a collectible “Kreskin’s Key To The Unconscious.” This is the original gold key and instruction sheet that he used to sell at his motivational seminars. The gold-plated key is around 2.75“x1.25” and has the words KRESKIN, MIND engraved on it. The instructions teach you how to use it to focus your mind and thoughts. This came from Kreskin’s personal archives and is likely worth more than the book.

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