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Magic By Misdirection (Dariel Fitzkee)

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This is the third volume in the famed series by Dariel Fitzkee that guides us on how to become better magicians and entertainers.

Magic By Misdirection applies the psychology of deception to the art of magic and discusses the psychological devices and methods you can use to deceive your audience.

Some of the subjects covered in the 23 chapters are: Real Secrets of Magic, The Importance of Interpretation, Conviction and Naturalness, What Actually Deceives the Spectator, The Psychological Expedients, Reaching the Spectator's Mind, Processes Within the Spectator's Mind, The Importance of the Norm, The Norm in Speech, The Norm in Properties, Disguise and Attention Control, Simulation, Dissimulation, Maneuver, Ruse, Suggestion and Inducement, Attention Control, Anticipation, Relaxation Monotony Confusion, Diversion and Distraction, Samples of Attention Control, Real Deception, and The Most Important Skill.

Published by Magic Box Productions in 2009 (fifth printing). The original came out in 1945. Written by Dariel Fitzkee. 204-pages, 6.25”x9.25”, hard-cover, with dust jacket. Out of print.

"When I read showmanship for Magicians, it was the first time I had read a book where someone said you have to take a trick and make it yours; you have to make it fit your personality. That was fantastic! My magic life changed with the reading of that book." ...Mike Caveney

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