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Making Magic (Martin Lewis)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: GENERAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC BOOK

Martin Lewis created many routines that are regularly used by the most popular magicians and mentalists. His creative approach to entertaining magic is applied to close-up, parlor, and stage magic with a special interest in practical stand-up magic. His classic and highly popular routines include Sidewalk Shuffle, Cardiographic, and Technicolor Prediction. In this legacy book Martin selected his of sixty favorite routines to teach in full detail.

He explained that “These are not pipe dreams but practical solutions to strong effects. Magic that has rewarded me with repeat bookings time and time again. While the majority of the book is on Parlor and Stage, there are still plenty of stunning close-up effects described. Including the details of my Close-Up Cardiographic. Making Magic contains material from my notebooks, lectures, magazine articles, videos, and marketed tricks. Since my magic is constantly evolving everything has been re-written to bring it all up to date.”

Routines include:

Instant Coffee, Nigel, Threesome, Playing With Your Food,  Coupons, Human Brain Vivisection, Bank Job, It’s Deja Chew All Over Again, The Test, Cardiographic, Rosepad, The Wall, Blue Moon, Colossal Floating Card, Two Sweet, Crystal Gazing, Bolt From The Blue, Red Paper, One Hand Spin and Catch, Come-Back Card Comedy, Pocket Technicolor Prediction, Sidewalk Shuffle Parlor, Strongbox, U-Pick-Em, Snacks Alive, The Best Trick Ever, The Grail, Vanity, Stop The Press, What-SAT, GOLF, Undivided, Close-Up Cardiographic, and more.

Instasquare, Re-Covered, Magician’s Poker, Ghostwriter, Daydream Card, Oil and Water Waltz, The Steinquest Stab, Eye Opener, It’s a Match, Teletop, Space Force, Spectator Fails Ace Trick, Osaisen, Poker Guide, The Whispering Joker, and more.

First Edition. Written by Martin Lewis. Published by Magikraft Studios in 2022. 312-pages, with 269-illustrations by T. Cundrawan and Guilherme Curty. An 8.5”x11.25” hardcover with foil stamping.

BONUS: Every book includes a CD with many PDFs containing graphics and templates for the tricks, if you want to make your own props.

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