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Offbeat (Nick Diffatte)

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  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: GENERAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: BOOK

Nick Diffatte has been taking the magic world by storm with his comedy magic routines. Offbeat is his new book which features sixteen road-tested routines, nine essays, hundreds of stylized color photos, fresh & original art, and a worker's perspective on the way to make your work your own.

You get magic with balloon animals, ropes, handcuffs, contact lenses, sticks of gum, playing cards, and much more.

Offbeat is a book of magic you will do - because it's been done, thousands of times, in the real world, by a working pro. Are there difficult sleights required? Not really (though you'll find a few underground secrets buried in the book's pages). Prep-work? Some. But the end result is well worth the time required.

Routines include: Play Money, School Of Hard Knots, Balloon Mammal, You’ve Got Fail, Party Blower, The Key To Freedom, Tea Bag, Schtick Of Gum, Nest Of Office Supplies, Full Contact, Sealer Boy, Double Date, 15 Crayons To Pocket, MisMatch, Habit Forming, and Dye Another Day.

First Edition. Published by Squash Publishing in 2022. 190-pages, 7”x10” hardcover. Written by Nick Diffatte, artwork by Vernon James, photographs by Brett Loudermilk, and a foreword by Mac King.

Nick Diffatte is a rare breed. Clever, funny -- a total badass. …Chris Kenner

Offbeat sizzles with strong, novel, and commercial magic while presenting a genuine mood-altering experience in the form of thought-provoking and funny essays, deft photos, and whimsical illustrations. It’s a richly appointed banquet of visual thinking. Simply put, Diffatte is a talent to watch, and Offbeat is clever from cover to cover. …Joel Hodgson

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