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Card Peggers (Nick Diffatte)

  • Difficulty: N/A
  • Category: GAMING
  • Product Type: ACCESSORY

This is a precision-made card pegger also known as a card punch that is based on the Dr. X design. A card punch is used to mark cards by adding invisible blisters to them (like braille) so you can find the cards you marked by feel.

These peggers were made by Nick Diffatte, who is the exclusive heir to the Dr. X line of gambling products and gimmicks and was taught how to make the various items that were produced under that brand.

These tiny peggers are secret weapons used by card cheaters to mark cards during play by attaching them to their fingers or thumb and putting in the work while handling the cards.

These types of punches have also been known to be secretly attached to tables, rings, watches, buttons, and other objects that might get in contact with cards.

The advantage of these types of punches is that they do not have to be adjusted like the pin versions and they will not pierce the cards since they do not have any sharp edges.

There have been many applications published in magic books over the years but there has also been a trend developing among mentalists who use these marked cards as key cards, that can be found by feel, to create some impossible effects.

A MyMagic Product. These peggers are tiny, so we are selling them as a set of two, so you have a spare, in case you lose one. They are made of brass and are around an eighth of an inch in diameter. No instructions.

Media Type Shipped Product

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Customer Reviews

  • Excellent product.

    5 Stars

    Excellent product. I needed a tool to punch some cards for a trick. First, I tried a simple needle, but it was not very practical. Then, I tried the jab punch (very well made) by Eoin O'Hare (The perfect shuffle), which uses a needle. In both cases, I had difficulties to locate and feel the marks. I no longer have this problem with the card peggers. Two recommendations : 1) Be careful not to lose the peggers (they are very small) : you can glue them on a solide surface for instance, or a card, as shown by Meir Yedid in the trailer. 2) It may be useful to make 2 marks close to each other to detect easier a mark.

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