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The Phantom Of The Card Table: Critical Edition

  • Difficulty: ADVANCED
  • Category: GAMING
  • Product Type: BOOK

The Phantom of the Card Table was originally a typescript that was written and circulated by Edward McGuire around 1930-1932. It became an instant underground classic and all the prominent card men of that time were entranced by it.

The reason this little typescript was sought after was its subject, Walter Scott. In the summer of 1930, Scott and McGuire traveled to New York City and held a private exhibition of what was considered a great display of sleight of hand which seemed to fool everyone present. Scott allowed the other magicians to shuffle their own deck and give it to him and he could still deal out winning hands of cards.

A version of that manuscript was later published by the Gambler’s Book Club but until recently most people did not know that there was more information out there and original photographs from Cardini. Much of the additions to this version of the book have never been published before.

Mostly written by Edward McGuire, with additional information by Cardini and others. Published by Conjuring Arts in 2020. Designed Stephen Minch, 120-pages, 8 1/2 x 11” format with sewn signatures and a leatherette cover.

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