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Invisible Card Punch (Dave Powell)

  • Difficulty Rating: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CARD MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

The Invisible Card Punch, which sticks to your thumb or index finger, is used to mark cards, by adding a bump before performing, or secretly during a routine.

Now you can have a spectator freely select a card and secretly mark the card with a bump by pressing on the front or back of the card. The spectator can shuffle the cards as much as they want, and you can find it. The bump this makes is larger than the ones used for gambling which make it easier to cut to the card.

The punch comes with suggested routines and ideas that use it to make key cards which include Impossible Kings, Double Coincidence, A Unique Force, Ambitious Card, Next, and The Slider.

Comes with the card punch, Funtak, and written instructions. A Powell Magic product.

Media Type Shipped Product

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