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Secrets of Mind Games Package (Marc Salem, Richard Mark)

  • Difficulty Rating: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: MENTALISM
  • Product Type: BOOK

Marc Salem is one of the most popular, successful and well-known mentalists in the business. He has performed long and successful runs on Broadway in New York City and at theaters around the English speaking world. When not in Theaters he performs on an almost daily basis around the United States at corporate events and private functions.

He teamed up with his friend Richard Mark to put together a package that explains all of his routines, creations and thoughts about mentalism. His mission was to give it all away.

You will find presentations and methods for more than 45 of his performance pieces, that he performed to audiences from Broadway to Edinburgh from Dubai to the Sydney Opera House and hundreds of other venues in theaters around the world.

►Discover how Marc Salem was able to float in the air while reading the minds of passerby’s...
►Discover how he haunted the Shubert Theater in Connecticut and caused the staff to panic....
►Discover how Marc predicted the death of Elvis achieving worldwide publicity and then was accused of participation in an international conspiracy...
►Discover how he learned to simulate Mind Reading by virtue of a finely honed ability to read body language and understand non-verbal communication.
►Discover how this “ordinary man” became extraordinary and by following his story and learning from it, you too may achieve success in your search for excellence.

Package includes:
The Secrets of Mind Games Book (autographed): A 146-page softcover, perfect-bound book that explains all his routines and his thinking.
Salem/Mark CD Disc 1: Tons of press stories, photographs, corporate thank you letters, magazine columns, music, audio interviews, videos of TV appearances, essays and much more. Also includes a pdf of his general public book “The Six Keys To Unlock And Empower Your Mind.”
►Salem/Mark CD Disc 2: Both of Marc Salem’s television specials, videos of several live shows, video of a lecture he gave, some audio conversations and much more.
A personal Hull Card sample.
A personal business card.
A Haunted Mind flyer.

Since Mr. Salem lives very close to our offices we were able to have all of out copies hand-signed (Autographed) by him. See images above.

Media Type Shipped Product

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