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All In 2-DVD Set (Jack Carpenter)

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  • Difficulty: ADVANCED
  • Category: CARD MAGIC
  • Product Type: DVD

Jack Carpenter is best known for his excellent gambling themed routines and techniques. This two-disc DVD set is full of his latest creations and his favorites. On this DVD set, he will teach all the tricks and techniques he's used over the years to build his legendary reputation.

The DVD is shot as a session with his friends: Tyler Wilson, Chris Mayhew, Ben Train and Zach Lambert.

Disc One contains: Demo, Introduction, Running the Aces & Table Bluff Shift, A Random Act, 451 Stack, Poor Uncle Joe, Hustler's Rip, Hybrid Stack, The Ultimate False Deal, and Psuedo Hand Muck.

Disc Two contains: Direct Switch, General Utility Control, Multiple Card Switch and One Two Switch, Retention Switch, Spread Switch, Toss Palm, Barstool Steal, Tip for the Diagonal Palm Shift, 2nd Dealing Tips, Bottom Dealing Tips, Imagine, Touch My Heart, The Vanishing, Four, and Card Matrix.

Produced by P3. Running time approximately: 170-minutes.

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