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Crochet Sponge Balls

  • Small: Lime (Out of Stock)
  • Large: Orange (Out of Stock)
  • Difficulty: N/A
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: ACCESSORY

These are hand-made crochet sponge balls. Similar to the crochet balls used for the Cups & Balls and Chop Cup routines except that instead of cork on the inside there is a sponge ball.

They look just like the cork balls but handle much easier and can be manipulated in many ways that would be impossible with cork balls. They can easily be manipulated using most techniques invented for solid balls and sponge balls. Can also be used for the Benson Bowl Routine or even a sponge ball routine. Or best of both worlds where you combine your favorite cups & balls routine with your favorite sponge ball routine.

Each set includes four (4) identical balls. If you are serious about using them, I would recommend getting more than one set... before they sell-out.

They come in two different sizes and several different colors:

►Small: The small balls are around a one-inch diameter and are available in the following colors: Blue, Green, Lime, Orange, Safety Orange, Red, and White. Limited quantity.

►Large: The large balls are around one-and-a-half-inch diameter and are available in the following colors: Blue, Green, Light Green, Lime, Orange, Red, Safety Orange, Pink, White, and Yellow. Limited quantity.

Manufactured in a factory located in a Cambodian jungle using artisans. These are labor-intensive and are unlikely to be made again. Especially at these prices. No instructions included. Very limited quantity.

NOTE: The white balls are not pure white since the color of the inside can affect the outer color. They are also not perfectly round because of the texture.

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  • Small: Lime (Out of Stock)
  • Large: Orange (Out of Stock)