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Loops Legends (Yigal Mesika)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

The 25th Anniversary Loops Legends package includes a package of the New Generation Loops (8) with the new Innercircle Card, a credit card like carrying case, the original 20-minute tutorial and a new 90-minute video tutorial featuring: Yigal Mesika, Mark Calabrese, Anna DeGuzman, Garrett Thomas, Jeff Kaylor, Garrett Thomas, Andrew Gerard, and Colin McLeod who teach you eighteen routines.

Invented by the genius Finn Jon, perfected and popularized by Yigal Mesika. Loops® are used by magicians worldwide. This wonder utility is strong enough to move heavy objects like silverware and sunglasses. You can float a borrowed ring or bill. You will be able to animate and levitate everyday objects making you fearless to create infinite possibilities. It takes only a few seconds to set up and you will be set for the day to perform at any moment. The best part of all... It is easy to master.

Routines taught: Yigal Mesika (Floating Twisted Ring, Telekinetic Pen, Classic Floating Ring, Mysterious Glasses, Haunted Deck, Animated Fork, Spinning Fork, Floating Bill), Mark Calabrese (Jumping Lime, Fork Phenomenon), Anna DeGuzman (Floating Straw, Jumping Straw), Garrett Thomas (Jumping Pen, Animated Straw), Jeff Kaylor (Floating Card, Jumping Bill), Andrew Gerard (Floating Card), and Colin McLeod (Invisible Touch/PK Touch).

Plus, you will learn about Loops management, Lighting condition dos and don'ts, Worry-free solutions to Loops breakings, How to avoid the biggest mistakes performers make, and more.

Comes with a package of eight New Generation Loops, a plastic Innercircle Card carrying case, access to the original 20-minute tutorial plus access to the new 90-minute Loops Legends tutorial. Made in the United States.

Media Type Shipped Product

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