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Midas (Ted Bogusta)

  • Difficulty Rating: EASY
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

The mythological King Midas was known to be able to turn everything he touched into gold. It is a dream that every child has and a talent that every adult wished he had.

In the real world, it is impossible… but with magic it can happen. Kind of. You explain that you have a magical gold penny that turns any metal it touches into gold. You demonstrate with a silver quarter. It turns to gold. For a repeat, you show a silver dime, let it touch the penny and it too turns to gold!

Both dime and penny are now examinable and you can give the gold dime as a souvenir to be remembered by.

Comes complete with precision made 24K gold plated gaffed coins, regular coins, written instructions and a link to a video tutorial.

Media Type Shipped Product

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