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Hunt & Co Presto Bill Fold

  • Difficulty: N/A
  • Category: GAMING
  • Product Type: ACCESSORY

These tiny wallets were produced for the Hunt & Co. gambling supply house. They were taken from their warehouse when they went out of business and have been in storage for the past 50+ years. They are being offered here as collectibles and are in like-new condition but if you want to use them as props you should probably treat the 'leather' with some kind of softener since it has aged and dried over the years. I wouldn't open and close it too many times as the 'leather' will crack.

From the original advertising copy in a Hunt & Co. catalog: Magic Presto Bill Fold Or Card Case (Patented). Advertise With This One.

This is a little novelty that is a dandy gift item for advertising your business. Made in neat looking morocco grain imitation black leather with your business address stamped in imitation gold.

Fold a dollar bill or place a business card under the straps on one side. Close it. Then open and to the surprise of all the bill or card has changed to the other side of the folder. It is an interesting crowd pleaser. People carry and keep it and talk about the place that gave it to them. You can’t beat that for a cheap advertising. Please and entertain the customer and you will get the business. Order some of these and watch the interest they create.

The overall size is 3.5"x1.75." It was made to handle a US bill that is folded into quarters. Includes the original instruction sheet. Very limited quantity.

Media Type Shipped Product

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