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Scientific Betting

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  • Category: GAMING
  • Product Type: BOOK

This anonymously written book is subtitled, “A Common Sense Treatise on the Application of Mathematics to Betting” and covers the odds of many games of chance and proposition bets. There is a clue as to who the author is, “The author of this book is a mathematician who has made a broad study of gambling from both the practical and theoretical points of view. The purpose of presenting this book to the public is not to encourage gambling but to teach the laws of chance such as are involved in a gambling game.”

Listed chapters include: Chances Involved in Tossing Coins, Dice Throwing and Craps, Combinations and Chances with Dice, Casino Dice, Matching Games with Coins, Probability of Repetitions, Roulette, Draw Poker, Chuck-O-Luck, Hazard, The Big Six, The Slot Machine, Chances in Horse Racing, Systems and Fallacies, and Why the Bank Invariably Wins. But there is a lot more information within each titled chapter about many other games.

Published by Hunt & Company in 1961 (First Edition was in 1947). Approximately 5” x 7”, perfect-bound, soft cover. 120-pages with many charts and illustrations. Although the pages have yellowed from age, our copies are in great shape. These were originally purchased from the inventory of the Hunt & Company gambling supply house in Chicago. This is a collectible and is available in a very limited supply.

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