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Master Key Systems

  • Difficulty: N/A
  • Category: GAMING
  • Product Type: BOOK

This is an original booklet that teaches playing card marking systems used to mark cards for cheating and magic purposes. It is described as, Complete treatise illustrating manner to detect and read all coded cards, factory marked, etc.” Discussions include how to spot for the different marking systems to make sure the cards in use are not marked.

Sections include: Author’s Note, Factory Print Cards, Blue Star No. 999, Daisy, Nifty, Bee 67, sorts, Shading, Daub, Needles Pricks And Crimps, Not Alone On Bee Cards, Bicycle Cards, The League, The Angel Back, Wheel Back, The Acorn, The New Fan, The Expert, The Thistle, Cupid Back, The Safety Back, The Racer, Back 35, Edge Or Margin Work, and Border Trim.

Published by Hunt & Company (not dated but likely from the first half of the 1900s). Approximately 3.5” x 6.25”, saddle-stitched, soft cover, 24-pages. Although the pages have yellowed from age, our copies are in like-new condition. These were originally purchased from the inventory of the Hunt & Company gambling supply house in Chicago. This is a collectible and available in a limited supply.

Media Type Shipped Product

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