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Cheating At Hold'em (David Malek)

  • Difficulty: ADVANCED
  • Category: GAMING
  • Product Type: DVD

David Malek teaches you what to look out for while playing Poker in "friendly" games or even casinos while demonstrating and explaining the many techniques that can be used. You will learn about: Marked cards, strippers, detecting gaffed decks, peeking and flashing, second dealing, scams, check copping, splash moves, gambling devices, unfair shuffling, cutting and dealing, plastic cards, catch cheaters, plus many variations for each subject and tips about protection and detection during a game.

For a limited time every DVD will include an autographed cut card and Poker chip as used on the DVD. Encoded for worldwide viewing. Produced by Double George, LLC. Original release date: December 2005. Running time: Approximately 90 minutes. Sold for educational and entertainment purposes only.

Media Type Shipped Product

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