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Goebel (William V. Rauscher)

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This is a fascinating historical book whose official title is “Goebel: The Man With The Magical Mind” which is also subtitled “The Story Of A Conjuror And Costumer.”

The life of George Goebel covers a lifetime of magic and his distinguished career in the world of costumes, where he dressed presidents, actors, singers, and dancers.

In the 1970's and 1980's George Goebel presented a large-scale illusion show called the Goebel Magical Revue. With a cast and staff of 35, he astonished lay audiences and received accolades from fellow magicians. Those shows influenced both Jim Steinmeyer and Lance Burton, each of whom contributed to this book. Goebel's life and career in Baltimore brought him into contact with countless magicians, including Milbourne Christopher, Hen Fetsch, Doug Henning, and Phil Thomas.

His knowledge of Howard Thurston, Thomas Chew Worthington III, Henry Ridgley Evans, and magicians around the country is extensive. Goebel tells how he gained experience working with Milbourne Christopher on the Jackie Gleason and Garry Moore shows.

His remembrance of the Baltimore eccentric magician Dantini is illuminating and touching. Read about Goebel's escape work in Japan, the history of the Baltimore magic scene, and his detailed account of building and presenting a full evening magic show that included a 10-member dance ensemble under the leadership of a former Radio City Music Hall Rockette.

First Edition. Written by William V. Rauscher. Foreword by Jim Steinmeyer. Published by Martinka & Co. in 2010. 220-pages with many black and white and color photographs. 8.75”x11.25” hardcover with color dustjacket. Limited availability.

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