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Portable Hole (David Roth)

  • Difficulty Rating: ADVANCED
  • Category: MONEY MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

The Portable Hole was one of the routines David used to build his reputation. It is often considered his signature routine. After he introduced the premise in the 1970s there were many variations where Portable Holes and Black Holes started appearing in print.

David considered this to be one of his best routines and the one he used to open his act with throughout his career.

The routine introduces two impossible objects, a Bagless Purse and a Portable Hole, which are used to create some incredible magic where coins repeatedly appear and disappear in remarkable ways. The best way to appreciate what happens is to watch David perform his complete routine on the trailer.

In addition to David Roth teaching the entire Portable Hole routine you also get detailed tutorials for the Retention Vanish, Shuttle Pass, Michael Skinner’s Spidergrip Vanish, and the Kick Move. Mastering these sleights can open up an entire world of coin magic for you and these might be the best tutorials available.

Comes with a black cloth hole, a purse frame, and access to a 30-minute online video tutorial by David Roth. You will also need four coins (not included).

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Customer Reviews

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    These additional lessons from the master are well worth the price of the (w)hole trick.

    5 Stars

    Reviewed by Mark Phillips in the October 2021 issue of Genii Magazine.

    David Roth was a master at creating beautiful routines that had highly memorable hooks. “The Sleeve,” “The Tuning Fork,” “The Planet,” and “The Rainbow” are examples that used unique props to impress themselves into a spectator’s memory. My favorite of David’s showpieces was “The Portable Hole” which first appeared in CoinMagic and always reminded me of Wile E. Coyote’s unfortunate experience with one such hole. Vanish three coins by dropping them in a portable hole, and they reappear inside the bagless purse. Classic.

    The necessary bagless purse and felt “hole” accompany 30 minutes of David’s performance and instruction via video link. If the props and routine weren’t enough, Meir includes additional, highly detailed video lessons from David on the Retention Vanish, the Shuttle Pass, and the Spider Vanish from other sources. As much as I love “The Portable Hole,” these additional lessons from the master are well worth the price of the (w)hole trick. David’s exceptional artistry as a sleight-of-hand performer was, I think, in part due to these fundamental moves being utterly convincing. His Shuttle Pass in particular was not only deceptive, it never even aroused the slightest suspicion.

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