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Eraser Coin (David Roth)

$35.00 - $75.00
  • Difficulty Rating: EASY
  • Category: MONEY MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

The eraser coin is the most devious and easiest of the many David Roth creations. It combines an optical illusion with a great premise. Many people consider it his greatest routine.

You show a coin and then using an eraser you begin rubbing the edge of the coin until it slowly starts disintegrating. You do the same to the other end of the coin until the round coin begins to look like a triangle. You then start erasing the face of the coin until it becomes blurry… except for the area that you were holding with your fingers. The unique looking coin you are left with is now examinable.

Available versions:
►US Kennedy Half Dollar: This is the standard edition of the Eraser Coin that David used to sell at lectures. It is made using modern half dollars that are dated from 1970 to the present.

►40% Silver US Kennedy Half Dollar: Between 1965 and 1969 the Kennedy halves were made from 40% silver content which makes the edges of the eraser coin show less copper than the standard Kennedys.

►90% Silver US Kennedy Half Dollar: This is the coin David preferred. The 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars were made from 90% silver and look and sound better that all other Kennedy halves.

90% Silver US Walking Liberty Half Dollar: Between 1916 and 1947 the Walking Liberty halves were made from 90% silver content which look and sound better than modern coins.

English Pennies: Custom made for our customers in the United Kingdom these are made from real half-dollar size English pennies, mostly from the 1960s.

5 Swiss Francs: Custom made for our customers in Switzerland these are made from real half-dollar size 5 Swiss Franc coins.

This new edition of the Eraser Coin has been modified slightly from the original to make the erased coin look more realistic and visually satisfying.

Comes complete with the special coin, an eraser, and access to an online video tutorial by David Roth.

NOTE: Each coin is individually hand-crafted by an artisan and no two coins will be exactly the same.

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Customer Reviews

  • It is easy, direct, visual, and memorable.

    5 Stars

    Reviewed by Mark Phillips in the October 2021 issue of Genii Magazine.

    Someone once said, “card magic plots are to coin magic plots as poker is to flipping a coin.” Finding plots that are different from other coin material you perform is not always easy. David points out in the video instructions of “Eraser Coin,” in which you apparently rub away several parts of a coin using an eraser, this is a piece that can be incorporated before or after virtually any other coin routine. It is easy, direct, visual, and memorable.

    David’s clear, entertaining instructions also include options without using the eraser.

    An example of David’s attention to detail is the small, unharmed half-moon shape which was under your thumb when you rubbed away most of the coin’s tails side. The trick comes with the custom coin, an eraser and video instruction link, and is an easy recommendation. Available in regular half dollar, 40 percent silver, 90 percent silver Kennedy and 90 percent silver Walking Liberty.

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  • Truly '5 star' coin magic.

    5 Stars

    Truly '5 star' coin magic. When it first arrived, and I looked at the coin, I thought it may have been incorrectly manufactured.

    However, following Meir's great tutorial, the illusion is *perfect*

    His routine provides three mind-bending, baffling and astounding moments of magic. Rather than "cleaning" the coin, I announce that I'll make it vanish, a bit at at time, and use my fingertip.

    Even with hand problems, due to age and accidents over the years, this is a trick I can do. The only "knack" involved is getting the coin properly oriented in one's fingers. That's it. No complicated slights.

    Although I'm no longer a 'compulsive magician', I now carry this coin with me at all times. My only sadness is that I didn't learn about this in 1990!

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  • 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful


    5 Stars

    POWERFUL, PORTABLE, EASY-TO-DO MAGIC. This is everything that's promised - you will carry it, use it and baffle your spectators. You can learn this in a few minutes from the video provided, though it will pay to spend a little time getting comfortable with the gaffus. If you invest a little thought into a presentation that suits your personality, it will be a great add for your repertoire.

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$35.00 - $75.00