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Rubinstein Rattle Purse (Dr. Michael Rubinstein)

  • Difficulty Rating: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: MONEY MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

This is a very special coin purse that is hand-made in Italy using fine Italian leather and contains real coins inside a hidden compartment that are used to create a perfect jingling sound when the purse is shaken... even when it is empty. It can easily be used with US quarters, half-dollars, and even one-dollar sized coins.

The purse is used to add an audible element to your coin magic. Simple things like shaking the purse after pretending to put coins inside, solidifies the fact that the coins must be inside because you can hear them inside. The same sound can be used to prove the arrival of vanished coins before any sneaky stuff is done.

You can incorporate the attractive and innocent looking coin purse into any of your existing routines. But we do not want to leave you to your imagination.

Along with the gaffed coin purse you will get a 55-minute video tutorial that is full of ideas, sequences, techniques, and routines that you can use with this purse. This is more than just a tutorial. It is an entire course on intermediate and advanced coin magic.

Dr. Michael Rubinstein will perform and teach you: Double Turnover Click Pass, Geoff Latta’s Nowhere Palm, Slap Down Click Pass, Ramsayesque Retention Vanish, Click Pass Drop Pass, Fake Purse Load, Clip Steal, Pull Out-Drop In, Curl Palm Dump, The Pull Out, Standup Sucker Copper Silver Routine, Drop Load, J.W. Grip And Vanish, Coins Across Ending, The Bronx Take, The Purse And The Glass Routine, The Magical Change Purse Routine, and then he will introduce Michael Gallo who will perform and teach his: Coins Across to Purse, and Rattle Purse Vanish.

A MyMagic Product. Comes with the specially manufactured and gaffed (with real coins) black coin purse made of fine Italian leather and a silver toned clasp. The purse is approximately 2-inches tall (not including clasp) and is 2.75-inches wide. (5cm x 7cm). You also get online access to the 55-minute video tutorial featuring Dr. Michael Rubinstein and Michael Gallo. Limited quantity.

Media Type Shipped Product

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Customer Reviews

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    3 Stars

    After seeing a great review on Magic Cafe, I was excited to purchase this. It just came in the mail and I am not totally happy with the quality. It is clearly not the same as the one shown on Magic Cafe. The leather appears real but the frame is very cheaply made and does not clasp tightly. Also, when I first removed the purse from the packaging, it did not rattle and I assumes it must be gimmicked. It is not, the rattle just has kind of a mind of it's own. Maybe it needs to be broken in some. I may have rated this higher if it was $20.00 but for $49.95, I excepted more.

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