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Smileys (Dr. Michael Rubinstein)

  • Difficulty Rating: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: MONEY MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

This is one of Michael’s favorite creations because it always puts a smile on peoples’ faces.

You start by explaining that there is an old expression that “people wear their emotions on their sleeve”, but magicians wear their emotions on their coins!

You draw a sad face on the face of a half dollar and then… to make the coin feel better you tickle the coin, and it begins smiling when the sad face changes to a happy one! Another tickle, and the coin changes to a yellow smiley face! One last tickle, and the smiley face becomes a big smiley face, bringing a big smile to everyone.

A MyMagic Product. Comes complete with a gaffed US Kennedy Half-Dollar, a gaffed US Quarter (in case you want to do with Quarters) a small magnetized Smiley, a large magnetized Smiley, an extra magnet, and an online video tutorial.

Smileys is really a great trick, Michael. …David Regal

Smileys is the perfect trick for all ages! It can be used for walk-around, table hopping, or formal shows, and always brings a smile to the spectator's faces! …Mike Gallo

Glad to see you are releasing Smileys! This is a great effect-very magical and ultra-commercial. …Peter Duffie

I see a ton of uses for this and not necessarily in a formal close-up show. If I worked in a hospital, I could see this being used constantly. It’s a good kid trick too. Very cool, Michael. …Doug Brewer

Media Type Shipped Product

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