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Dr. Michael Rubinstein’s Creative & More Creative Coin Magic Video Set

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: MONEY MAGIC
  • Product Type: VIDEO DOWNLOAD

Dr. Michael Rubinstein is considered one of the best coin magicians and creators in the business. These two videos were recorded in 1986 and 2004 during live lectures where he performed and explained some of his best routines.

I addition to the routines you will learn the many original sleights used throughout. The videos can serve as course in coin magic that will inspire you to learn Michael’s many techniques that you will likely incorporate into your performances.

Creative Coin Magic (1986):

Routines: Crazy Coins Across (The Specciolini Brothers), Stand-Up Sucker Copper-Silver Routine, Matting, Twilight Zone Wild Coin, Quadra Coin Reverse Matrix, Matchbox Treasury, Triple Coin To Card, Silver Lint,

Techniques: The Rubinstein Click Pass, Fingertip Rest, R.O.P.S. Move, Utility Switch, R.O.P.S. Click Pass, Backwards Gallo Pitch, Touch Change, Nail Grip, Drop Switch, Spellbound Changeover Palm, Thumb Palm Switch, Paul Harris Steal, Ed Marlo Steal, No Pick-Up Move, Double Steal, Marlo Scoop Vanish, Card Lever Load, Variation Retention Vanish, Twist Substitution, Turnover Slide Switch, Scoop Switch, Gibson Spider Grip Vanish Rubinstein Variation, L'homme Masque Load, The Fingertip Load, Dai Vernon Spellbound Moves, and Snapout Move. Running time: Approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.

More Creative Coin Magic (2004):

Routines: Stand-Up Sucker Copper-Silver Routine, Triple Play, Stand Up Coins Through The Table, Retro Fly, Silver Lint 4, The Chocolate Coin, and Merlini Purse Routine.

Techniques: R.O.P.S. Click Pass, Fingertip Shuttle Pass, One-Behind Principle, Rubinstein Click Pass, Spellbound Changeover Palm, R.O.P.S. Move, Modified Spider-Grip Vanish, Rosenthal Subtle Coin Steal, Spread Finger Subtlety, Pick Up Pinch, Purse Palm, Fan Separation Shuttle, Substitution Addition Variation, French Pop Curtis Cam Variation, Pocket Ditch, Utility Switch, Fingertip Load, L'homme Masque Load, Spellbound Changeover Palm, Derek Dingle’s Sucker Change, Wave Change, Al Schneider’s Classic Vanish, and Impromptu Touch Change. Running time: Approximately 1 hour.

A Meir Yedid Magic Product. Produced by Dr. Michael Rubinstein. Original release date: 1986 and 2004. Combined running time: Approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes.

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Dr. Michael Rubinstein’s Creative Coin Magic Video

  2. Dr. Michael Rubinstein’s More Creative Coin Magic

Media Type Digital Lesson

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