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Migrate (Dr. Michael Rubinstein)

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  • Difficulty Rating: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: MONEY MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

Migrate is the routine Michael came up with after releasing his now best-selling book Rubinstein Coin Magic (now in its fourth printing). It is a comedic, coins across, routine that is full of puns and new techniques.

Although it does not use any gaffs it does use some unique, attention getting, and funny props. Unlike most coins across routines that last less than a minute this is designed as a three-minute showpiece that is themed around bears!

Watching the trailer will give you an idea of the routine and the built-in comedy.

The routine comes in two versions which have different strengths. Both versions are taught in the included 53-minute video tutorial. Michael prefers the Poker Chip version which he told me will be his opening routine the next time he performs a formal show.

Poker Chip Edition:
Since the Poker Chips are larger than coins and do not reflect light, the bears can be seen easier and at longer distances. The included teddy bear purse (around 3.5” round) is made of fuzzy cloth (will randomly come in either tan or dark brown) and is small enough to fit in your pocket. Includes access to a video tutorial that teaches two similar routines which use different techniques and a written script.

Deluxe Coin Edition:
This set comes with replicas of the 1925 California commemorative half-dollars with milled edges (US Half-Dollar size) with a bear on one side and a prospector on the other. They look aged but can easily be polished to look mint. The included teddy bear purse(around 3.5” round) is made of leather and is small enough to fit in your pocket. Includes access to a video tutorial that teaches two similar routines which use different techniques and a written script.

It is also important to note that Poker chips are not coins or cards. They can be seamlessly inserted into any show because they are different (not coins or cards) and can add variety to a show.

Migrate is an entertaining effect for audiences of all ages...and crowd sizes.  Perfect for the table hopper or strolling magician...anywhere anytime!!!  I recommend it highly! …Mike Gallo

Migrate employs excellent technique along with a brilliant script that makes this a wonderful showpiece of Magic. Well done, Michael. …Joe Rindfleisch

Migrate can now be your next great trick! The props take this out of the coin trick category and make it very memorable. I love this and can “bearly” wait to perform this for my audiences. …Marc DeSouza

Another winner from Michael Rubinstein. Migrate includes Michael’s signature, pun-filled presentation that adds plenty of comedy (and groans) and makes the routine fun to watch for both adults, and children. Don’t "paws" any longer… Order Migrate today!  …Seth Kramer

Coins Across is the magic part, and the script, in all its “punny” excellence, is the comedy. A wonderful addition to your coin magical arsenal! You will not be disappointed! …Dr. Joaquín M. Ayala de Cédoz

Dr. Michael Rubinstein’s Migrate is a magical trifecta of everything I look for in a magic routine of the highest caliber with quality props, a great presentation, and a solid method. I can “bearly” contain my excitement to perform this! …Bill Citino

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$35.00 - $55.00
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