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The Other Hand (Dr. Michael Rubinstein)

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  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: MONEY MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

Dr. Michael Rubinstein performed “The Other Hand,” his new coin plot, on season nine of Penn & Teller: Fool-Us. You saw him perform a five-minute showpiece.

After recording the formal TV version of the routine, he decided to continue refining the routine and eventually created a close-up version that is shorter, more direct, and easier to do. The new close-up version uses the same props but is streamlined for more intimate performances.

Since the props involved are difficult to put together, he decided to release a limited edition for serious coin magicians and collectors.

Only 60 signed and numbered sets will ever be produced!

No elaborate set-up. All you need are the supplied props, a close-up pad, some coins, and you are good to go!

Beautiful props include a wood box, a TCC coin purse, and a specially made silicone hand, perfect for the close-up version!

The 1-hour and 42-minute video tutorial is a complete course in sleight of hand. In addition to learning the routine in meticulous detail, you will learn such sleights as the Variation Retention Pass, R.O.P.S. click pass technique, Stealth palm, and more! Front and back views make learning easy!

Many extras include: The optional spellbound sequence. Alternative methods for performance include the use of JW grip and sleeving. Optional kicker ending of a large coin finish!

Included in the tutorial is the explanation to the full performance used on Penn & Teller: Fool-Us.

Comes with the beautifully antiqued chest, a high-end coin purse, a silicone hand, and access to the video tutorial.

"This is such a baffling and entertaining piece of magic. The props are charming, fun, and the tutorial is superb. You get a very workable routine that can be performed under most conditions. Michael has really hit it out of the park with this one!" …Marc DeSouza

"If you love fun, quirky, entertaining coin magic, look no further. Dr. Rubinstein has put together a wonderful homage to Roth with this routine. On top of that, the props included are fantastic!" …Rick Holcombe

“The Doctor has done it again, creating a whimsical and entertaining routine with interesting props called “The Other Hand”. It's modular, so you can plug and play what you like and easily change portions to suit your performing preferences Two thumbs (including the other hand) WAY UP!” …Mike Peckham

“Once again, the good doctor has struck gold (again) with his new release ‘The Other Hand.’  A true showstopper guaranteed to fool and entertain all audiences! If you love close-up magic that packs a wallop, then don't wait...GET IT!!!” …Mike Gallo 

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Customer Reviews

  • Highly recommended.

    5 Stars

    Review by Bill Wells that appeared in the February 2023 issue of the Linking Ring Magazine.

    Some of you may have been fortunate enough to see Dr. Michael Rubinstein perform this routine on Penn and Teller’s TV show Fool Us. Rubinstein presented the routine as a tribute to his dear friend, David Roth, and actually used some of David’s props. Rubinstein explains that the routine was a tribute to Roth, a story that may carry special meaning for magicians. I feel certain that the routine would have impressed Roth, because it captured the Roth’s favored premise of using special props and coins to create magic theater.

    The theme of Rubinstein’s routine is simple. Magicians performing a coin vanish are often confronted with the spectator expounding, “The coin is in the other hand.” Unfortunately, they are usually correct, a fact that causes some magicians to dislike coin magic because the coin is always in the other hand. The routine Rubinstein created uses a rubber hand under which coins from a purse mysteriously appear after being vanished. The coins are always under the other hand!

    Roth used the concept of two different props playing against each other in a number of classic routines. Rubinstein has loosely structured The Other Hand after Roth’s Sleeve and Mirror routine, in which vanished coins appear in an empty sleeve. He has also gone to special lengths to locate and assemble the special props needed to perform a more practical close-up version of the routine he did on Fool Us.

    The props set consists of a wood and leather chest in which a silicone rubber hand is kept, along with a purse holding the coins used in the routine. The props are all of excellent quality. The wooden chest is banded with leather and could contain other props as well as those used for The Other Hand. The purse is a TCC purse. TCC is known for offering high-quality magic props usually introduced as Kickstarter projects. The set’s most expensive component is the silicone rubber hand, which is beautifully made. The props come with special care instructions and a script of the patter for the routine.

    Finally, there is the link to a video tutorial that is one hour and forty-two minutes long. The tutorial is the equivalent of a master class in coin magic. It includes not only footage of Rubinstein performing the close-up version, for which the set is intended, but also the version performed on Fool Us (which played bigger for television and had special set-up requirements). The tutorial shows and fully explains how the two versions are performed, and provides detailed instructions for Rubinstein’s coin moves. These coin moves include his Variation Retention Pass, Stealth Palm, R.O.P.S., Click Pass, R.O.P.S. Double Click Pass, and Tap Load. Rubinstein does a superb job of teaching these moves, which can also be found in his comprehensive coin tome Rubinstein Coin Magic. In the tutorial, he explains the use of sleeving, the J.W. Grip, the Spellbound Addition, and the Large Coin Kicker ending for the routine.

    All in all, The Other Hand set is a first-class offering of exceptional quality. The props and routine are a fitting tribute to the memory of David Roth. Rubinstein only produced sixty sets of The Other Hand and, at the time of writing this review in December, over half of them have been sold. If you are interested in owning this unique piece of magic, you should not delay making your decision. Highly recommended.

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