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S.E.M. (The Sun, the Earth, and the Moon)

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: MONEY MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

This is a modular routine that can be shortened for table performances or extended to be used as a five-minute showpiece for larger audiences.

Keep in mind that this is a modular routine that you can perform in any order and use whatever presentation/patter you like. It is based on the classic Sun & Moon trick but with many differences in plot and gaffs.

The basic formal routine: You introduce three items that your parents gave you when you were a child; a miniature globe, a pocket from a pair of your childhood pants, and a copper and silver coin representing the sun and the moon which are examined.

First, the Sun and Moon change places mysteriously. A lunar eclipse is described where the moon suddenly vanishes into the shadow of the earth, then appears under the globe.

The globe is removed. When rubbed with the pocket it becomes totally transparent, thanks to the effects of a black hole in the pocket. The sun is placed inside the pocket and penetrates right through it. Your spectator puts the coin back into the pocket, and it penetrates again. The coins again switch places, then completely vanish. One is found under the globe, and the other drops into view from the pocket. Both coins can once again be examined.

What you get:
A copper coin with a picture of the Aztec Sun stone.
A matching copper shell.
Two copper silver inserts that fit perfectly into the shell (and are thick, unlike the wafer size inserts that you usually find).
A steel shimmed silver coin (Eisenhower bicentennial dollar with the image of the moon).
A denim pocket.
A colorful metal globe with a gimmicked base.
A matching clear globe with a ball holder.
 An open servante.
Access to an online video tutorial (1-hour, 20-minutes).
A written script, with additional tips, signed by Michael Rubinstein.
A numbered and signed card to serve as a certificate of authenticity.
Comes packaged in a square, sturdy box with a magnetic lid.

Bonus: As a surprise gift one out of every 20 sets will include an original David Roth business card.

Comes complete with all necessary props and access to a video tutorial that teaches multiple versions and sequences. Manufactured by Dr. Michael Rubinstein. This is a limited edition of 100 sets that are numbered and signed by Dr. Michael Rubinstein.

Media Type Shipped Product

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