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Impossible Book Test (Ray Piatt)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: MENTAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

The basic routine: "I would like to try an experiment tonight with someone that has a very strong belief in E.S.P. Someone that not only believes in Extra Sensory Perception, but considers himself or herself to be able to concentrate upon only one thought, someone capable of direct concentration."

"You sir, thank you for volunteering. Will you please stand? Here before you I have a book. In fact, for tonight’s demonstration, I have chosen a book that I am sure most of us have read at one time or another during our lifetimes, more so while we were youngsters and are quite familiar with, Grimm’s Fairy Tales by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm.

Please hold this book in your hand. Now sir, if you will, please think of the year you were born and just add the numbers together. Whatever this total is, please turn to this page in the book. Have you located your page? Very good. Whatever number you have used to locate this page, will you please add the digits together? I’m sure you understand what I mean. Now that you have arrived at this number, will you please count to this word on the page."

"Have you located your word? Please remember this word, close the book and place it under your arm. All I ask is for complete silence from everyone here and for you sir to concentrate as strongly as you possibly can on this word you have selected. Imagine each letter of this word being as large as possible. Please take your time as I wish for you to be able to see only this word in your mind."

"I am going to write upon a paper I have here, the letters that I believe you are concentrating on. Hopefully, these letters will spell out this word of yours. I have placed this paper inside this envelope. Please place this also under your arm, next to your book. Now sir, will you please be so kind as to state out loud for all to hear, the exact word that you have been concentrating on? I thank you. Now you may open the envelope and display for all to see, the word that I have just written."

Comes complete with a very special book, instructions, additional ideas and a bonus routine by Larry Becker that is a true showstopper. For the past 20 years this exclusive book test sold to professional mentalists for $105. There are now very few left and you may have them for only $85 each.

Media Type Shipped Product

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