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Swami Gimmicks (Ray Piatt)

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: MENTAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: ACCESSORY

Many professional mentalists prefer the Ray Piatt Swamis. The Piatt Swami gimmick is basically a boon writer that was originally invented by Eric Mason. Unlike other versions of this secret device the Swamis have larger and curvier surface areas which allow them to stay stable on your thumb and can be used at different parts of the thumb, depending on your preference. The attached writing point is a sturdy pencil lead. This is the improved version of his popular Scarab.

If you are not familiar with what they do, they are basically a device that is used to secretly write information on objects that are being held in your hand or are near your hand.

No instructions included. You get two Swami Gimmicks that are made of a rubbery material and the special Stikum which makes them stick to your thumb. These were hand-made by Ray and Lisa Piatt and are very limited in quantity.

NOTE: As in most hand-made products the actual size and shape will vary slightly. Also the flesh colored paint will eventually chip and will have to be touched up if it makes a difference to you. This is intended for the working pros who already a have use for them.

As in most Ray Piatt hand-made products they were produced in very limited quantities, offered strictly to mentalists and are rarely seen in the magic market.

Media Type Shipped Product

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