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Past Present Future (Rick Lax)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: MENTAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

This is an easy and direct routine which revolves around the spectator’s fate and uses a Tarot Deck. You can also use it to infuse fortune telling readings into your presentations if that fits your style.

You introduce the Major Arcana from a deck of tarot cards and show that on three of the cards, a single word is written. One card reads Past, another Present, and the third reads future. The cards are given a mix, and then the faces are shown, while you explain that the cards all represent something important in a person’s life. You ask the spectator to choose one card to represent their past, another to represent their present, and the last card to represent their future. The spectators can freely name any card they want. Those cards are clearly laid out on the table, and you then turn over the selected cards to reveal that the spectator mysteriously managed to perfectly select the cards with the words, Past, Present, and Future written on the backs of their cards.

Comes complete with a special Tarot Deck and access to a video tutorial. Manufactured by Penguin Magic.

"The most powerful trick I've ever created" …Rick Lax

"Big fan of Past Present Future! Thank you for putting it out again my first edition deck is beat to hell because I've used it so much! This is a great routine that builds to a high impactful finale which requires minimal to no sleights and skill - plus you can get a lot of time out of it! I freaking love this routine - I do it all the time! Releasing this has been long overdue! it's the perfect not card trick card trick!" …Dan Sperry

"A wonderful, engaging and memorable effect with a stunning custom tarot deck. Highly recommended!" …David Jonathan

Media Type Shipped Product

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