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Double Take (Jason Knowles)

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: MONEY MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

A routine that incorporates a US $5 bill and playing cards. It uses two different gimmicks that you will customize using your own bills and cards. You will also learn three different routines you can perform with the gimmicks.

Double Take: A triple transposition where a selected card, a random card and a five dollar bill change places.

Ambitious Money: A card lost in the deck, it rises to the top where it springs up and transforms into a five-dollar bill in mid-air. The selection is found in the magician’s wallet.

Invisible Pickpocket: Using a pickpocket theme you place a five-dollar bill and a selected card into a wallet that you hand to a spectator. You remove the card, change it into the bill and the card is found back in the wallet which has been held by the spectator.

Comes with necessary gimmicks to make your own gaffs using US $5 bills and online video instructions.

NOTE: Not included, but you will also require: Two five-dollar bills, glue, tape, a needle, a sharp knife, and a playing card to customize your own gimmicks.

Media Type Shipped Product

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