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Treasury (Derek Ostovani)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: MONEY MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

At its core this is an outstanding and memorable card reveal. The tutorial teaches you how to erase parts of the US Bills and replace the erased area with the name of a selected card using the supplied gimmick which is set up to stamp the identity of the Queen of Hearts, Seven Of Spades, or Ace of Diamonds.

The excellent routine that is taught in the tutorial has you borrow a dollar bill and show where the Secretary of the Treasury’s signature appears. A card is then selected and lost back in the deck. The bill is wrapped around the deck and with a quick motion the selected card is captured in the folded bill. As a kicker ending you run your finger across the previously shown signature and it seems to change into the name of the selected card.

But you can easily use the bill as a simple card reveal or a more elaborate multiphase routine. The beauty of this is that it is very surprising and an ideal souvenir to give to the spectators that you want to remember you.

Comes with the gimmick that stamps the force cards and access to a video tutorial that teaches you how to prepare the bills. In addition to what is supplied you will need to supply your own erasers and sandpaper (the types of which are very well explained in the tutorial).

"Wow! Just WOW!! Derek has brought a true miracle with your spectator's money and the best part... you create an impossibility with it for them to keep! I guarantee they'll always keep it on them and show everybody!" …Chris Smith

"Derek has created a cool money miracle that the spectator gets to keep. Love it" …John Gustaferro

Media Type Shipped Product

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