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Derek Dingle's Deceptions And Delights DVD Set

  • Difficulty: ADVANCED
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: DVD

This two-volume set of DVDs represents many of Derek Dingle's best and favorite routines. "Dingle's Deceptions" features the routines he first released and used to create his worldwide reputation. "Dingle's Delights" features the routines he regularly used to earn a living with as a successful close-up magician. 

The bonus features on the DVDs are exceptional. You get to see Derek perform a live corporate close-up show as well as working behind a tradeshow booth where he integrates salesmanship with the magic. Also included are pdf's of Derek's first three sets of lecture notes: "Derek Dingle's Lecture Notes," "Additional Deceptions" and "More Additional Deceptions." You will also get a pdf with instructions to his marketed routines: "Rainbow Deck," "Sympathetic Cards" and "Super Card Rise." 

Encoded for worldwide viewing. Includes close to three-hours of video footage and more than 50-pages of written instructions of one low price.

Media Type Shipped Product

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