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Buffaloe'd (Jim Buffaloe)

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: MONEY MAGIC
  • Product Type: BOOK
  • BONUS: Limited Time Introductory Sale Price.

Jim Buffaloe was a magician who specialized in coin magic, he created many original routines that appeared in the classic Bobo’s Modern Coin Magic and multiple Linking Ring Parades. His specialty was showpieces which combined unique props and coins. He also performed many stand-up and family shows.

Subtitled as “The Magic Of Jim Buffaloe”, with around 150+ pages dedicated to original coin magic with bonus chapters full of original stand-up routines and magic for children. You will also find some essays about improving your performance.

Contents include:

Brief Routines, Productions and Concealments: A Snappy Four, A Kneezy Production, Thumb Push Turnover, The Pull Through Concealment, Dollar Bill Jackpot, Coin-Ah-Copia, The Drop Concealment, The Houdini Safe and Lock Company, A Lesson in Subtlety, Harry Hoo & Dini, Cameo Miracle Production, A Weighty Matter, and Son of New Era Coin Go.

Extended Platform and Close-up Routines: Theme and Variation in Silver - Part I, Theme and Variation in Silver - Part II, Theme and Variation in Silver - Part III - The Steroid Coin, and Stage Coin Routine.

Theatrical Close-Up With Props: High Tech Blaster, Coins Across, the "Safe" Way, Beamed Across, The Time Machine, Tightwad, Don't Be So Nosey!, A Fistful of Dimes, On the Level, The Pun-aholic, This Spud's For You, Caught!, An "Egg"stra-Ordinary Journey, Come On Down, Handy Crafty, Bagged, Colorsation, and "It's Mortar” He Said.

A Tool Towards Excellence: Copper/Silver Routine, Anatomy of a Routine, Thoughts On Style, One for the Experts, One for the Experts - A Four Postulate Analysis, and A Perverse (But Effective) Way of Thinking.

Magic for Children: Trouble Witless, Mouse Capades, A New Look at Metamorpho Spots,MThe Capricious Ghost, and A Crown for a Queen.

General Magic: Zany 20th Century Silk Routine, Slick Silks, The Hypnotized Finger, Super Ring Flite, Blow It Through Ring Release, The Gadabout Ring, Buffaloe Bill Buster, Sudden Impact, Keyless Konnivery, and An Absorbing Vanish.

First edition. First printing. Published by Dan Garrett in 1998. 236-pages, 8.75”x11.25”, with hundreds of illustrations by Tony Dunn, Marshall Philyaw, and Dan Garrett. Preface by Ed Buffaloe, Introduction by Phil Wilmarth. A Meir Yedid Magic product.

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