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Great Wizard Of The North (John Henry Anderson)

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  • Category: HISTORICAL
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John Henry Anderson (1814-1874) who is better known as "The Great Wizard Of The North" was probably the first Scottish magician and one of the most important figures in the history of magic.

He is credited with bringing magic into the theater and is considered one of the best at getting promotion and publicity for his shows. In this book you will learn the story of his life, career and magic, written by his great-great-grandniece Constance Pole Bayer. Much of this information has never appeared in print.

Incudes many rare photos of Anderson, his family, his props, playbills, artifacts, prints, his own writings and much more. A184-page, 10.25x8.25" hardcover book with color dust jacket. Introduction by William V. Rauscher. A Meir Yedid Magic product originally published by Ray Goulet's Magic Art Book Co. in 1990.

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