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How To Make Money By Magic: Collectors Edition

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A Special Limited Collector’s Edition: Limited to 50 hard-cover copies, numbered and signed by Meir Yedid. Each copy also includes Paul Daniels' Masterclass DVD.

Paul Daniels was the highest paid and most successful magician in the world. He started out with nothing and slowly clawed his way up to be a household name in Great Britain and much of the English-speaking world.

His success was not an accident or random luck, it required a lot of study and application of solid principles and strategies that created opportunities. Once the opportunities were recognized, a lot of hard work went into exploiting them, which led to his ultimate success.

Toward the end of his career he teamed up with marketing guru Andrew Lock to produce a twelve-part course that taught how to become successful in magic. That course is now available in book form for a fraction of the original cost.

Although the course is called “How To Make Money By Magic,” it is actually much more than that. You will learn how to think and live like a magician. You will learn the most important aspects of how to perfect your magic and how to organize and present your shows. All the possible venues and outlets that hire magicians are discussed and how to approach each one in order to get a job is explained.

As Paul observes, “You won’t make much money, until you turn SHOW Business into Show BUSINESS, and that is the real strength of this book. It is full of solid real-world marketing advice and strategies on how to create your business, how to find new clients and venues, and how to continually grow.

Sometimes a single idea can change your life and career path, and this book is full of hundreds of such ideas that are waiting to improve your magic, your career and your life. All you must do is find your own path and work hard at making it happen. This book is the perfect vehicle to inspire you and point you toward the most direct and efficient path to make your dreams come true.

Published in 2019 by Meir Yedid Magic. 8.5x11 inch, hard-cover book, 352-pages, printed on high-gloss paper. Written by Paul Daniels and Andrew Lock. Foreword by Meir Yedid. Includes a copy of Paul Daniels' Masterclass DVD (a $34.95 value). A limited, numbered edition of only 50 copies.

"Every magician who wants to be successful should listen carefully to what Paul Daniels has to say. He was a rock star of magic!"
…Lance Burton, Las Vegas Headliner 

"I consider Paul to be one of my teachers. I've learned a lot from him."
…Jeff McBride, Founder of The Mystery School 

"He is a font of knowledge and wisdom." 
…Eugene Burger, A Guru of Magic Theory and Philosophy

"You can learn a lot from Paul Daniels, a great magician, one of my favorites." 
…Jay Marshall, Legendary Magician and Entertainer

"A genius in magic and business, I can't think of a better teacher." 
…Meir Yedid, CEO of MyMagic

“Timeless advice! Great, magic and marketing for any business! Love it—it’s perfect!
…Harvey Leeds, Live Nation consultant and 40-year Marketing Executive at Sony Music.

BONUS: With every purchase of the book, from this website, you will get a FREE copy of Paul Daniel’s Misdirection Tutorial video download (a $4.95 value). The video will be found in your media library immediately after the order is placed.

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  1. Paul Daniels' Misdirection Tutorial Video

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