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Victorious Triumph (Jim Krenz)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: CARD MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

Jim Krenz has created what is likely the cleanest and most magical Triumph routine you will ever do. Thanx to some gimmicked cards and an ingenious handling this self-working routine is a work of art.

The same can be said about his Cards Across routine that has already become a favorite for both beginner and professional magicians worldwide.

These are routines you will be able to learn and perform immediately.

Victorious Triumph: A self-working version of a classic routine where a freely selected card is lost in the deck. The cards are repeatedly shuffled face-up and face-down and their mixed condition is shown after each shuffle. In an instant, the deck is spread to reveal all the cards face down, except for the selection, which could have been signed. Can be done with multiple selections and you can even let the spectators do the shuffling!

A diabolically clever method. This Triumph will fool anyone. I love it.
…Bill Malone

Victorious Cards Across (All Expense Paid Trip): A self-working cards across routine that many of the leading magicians are already using. A hands-off routine where the spectators handle all the cards and you are still able to make two cards invisibly jump from one packet to the other. Includes a second phase that is just as clean, easy and impossible.

I can’t tell you the first time I ever saw Jim’s version of the Cards Across, but I can tell you I have used it ever since he shared it with me. It is a modern classic.
..Michael Weber

Victorious Assembly: A new and easy handling for the classic McDonald’s Aces assembly using different types of gimmicks where four aces are placed on the table with three cards on top of each. One at a time three of the aces vanish and eventually arrive to join the leader ace.

A MyMagic Product. Along with the one-hour instructional DVD you are supplied with all the necessary gimmicked cards for the three routines. Use your own Bicycle Poker-size deck.

Keep in mind that these routines do not use any kind of rough and smooth, sticky stuff, marked cards, strings, mirrors, magnets, flaps, memory, electronics, or any kind of difficult sleight of hand. What makes them great is that they are very low-tech.

Media Type Shipped Product

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  • Gee, this is good!

    5 Stars

    Gee, this is good! Easy to do, completely mysterious, visually a treat--buy it and you will use it!!

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