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Handcuff Lapel Pin

  • Difficulty: N/A
  • Category: JEWELRY
  • Product Type: JEWELRY

Handcuffs are not intrinsically magical, but they are synonymous with Houdini and are a known prop for escape artists.

This is a small pair of handcuffs connected by a chain link that will swing when moved. What is nice about this set is that the handcuff’s details are on both sides of the cuffs, so they look the same on both sides.

They can also be worn in different angles, so the cuffs are just dangling down or side by side.

The pin is made of Nickle plated Copper and includes a deluxe locking back. The size is around a half inch wide and an inch and a quarter long. It is custom hand-made in New Jersey.

Media Type Shipped Product

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