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Stroop Test (David Jonathan, Nikolas Mavresis)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: MENTAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

A Stroop Color and Word Test is a real “Neuropsychological test used to assess the ability to inhibit cognitive interference that occurs when the processing of a specific stimulus feature impedes the simultaneous processing of a second stimulus attribute, well-known as the Stroop Effect.”

What that means is that it is used to test how and how fast people process information.

That test is now available as mentalism routine disguised as a psychological experiment. It blends real science with real magic to predict your spectator’s choices 100% of the time.

The basic routine: A set of cards is introduced that have the names of the colors printed on them. Each of the words is printed in a different color than what it reads. A spectator is asked to choose a number, and the magician deals down that many cards. The color on the card is shown to match a prediction the magician made before the trick even started.

Comes with all the necessary cards and access to an online video tutorial. A Penguin Magic product.

"I've been looking for a good Stroop Test routine for ages and I finally found it! This is commercial, it makes sense and is going straight in my close-up and online sets!" …Luca Volpe

Media Type Shipped Product

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