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Gift Boxes Illusion

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: PUZZLE
  • Product Type: OPTICAL ILLUSION

There is a very famous optical illusion with an illustration of two different sized and shaped boxes where one looks larger than the other. But when the tops of the boxes are measured, they turn out to be identical.

It was originally created by Roger Shepard and first published in 1990 under the name “Turning the tables”, using tabletops, and that is why it is commonly known as Shepard Tables and the Shepard Tabletop Illusion.

In an effort to make the illusion play as a magic routine and to be able to present it standing up, the new artwork was placed on a steel board and the lids of the boxes were made into magnets. This allows you to visually demonstrate the illusion and take credit for the magic.

Comes complete with the framed illustration (12”x8”), two magnetic lids, and access to a video tutorial.

Media Type Shipped Product

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Customer Reviews

  • It is really an astounding illusion, as I said. It just seems impossible.

    5 Stars

    I'm giving this a 5-star rating for what it is, not for what you may want it to be. This is an optical illusion, not a magic trick in the traditional sense. This type of optical illusion is found in introductory psychology textbooks in the chapter on sensation and perception. I'm a psychology professor and I got one of these for each of the two of my colleagues who teach Psychology 101. This is so stunning, they thought the prop was gimmicked and that I was doing a magic trick! I had to align the box tops to prove I was not!

    But how do you use it as a magic trick and why the 5-star rating? First, it is really an astounding illusion, as I said. It just seems impossible. Second, it's pretty good quality and a bargain at $20 (the price as of this writing). Third, I plan on using it early in my show to talk about magic as illusion—as a trick on our eyes. While I haven't included it in a show yet, I've shown it to about 20 people close up. All are very impressed with it and stare at it for the longest time. As a bonus, it has a little string/hanger on the back so you can hang it on your wall. What a great conversation piece!

    For this price, and with the powerful nature of how this tricks out eyes, every magician should have one! (Every psychology professor should have one!)

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