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Level Up (Craig Petty)

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CLOSE-MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

You can now perform classic coin magic with game cartridges (SD cards). Transpositions, transformations, and more are all possible with these specially designed props, which bring some of the best close-up magic into the modern era.

You introduce a small, hard-sided case that holds game cartridges from one of the most popular gaming devices on the planet. You select a couple of cartridges and proceed to perform a flurry of transpositions. Cartridges jump from hand to hand, changing places even though your spectator is holding them. The labels transform colors. At the end, you can even hand the cartridges out to be examined.

Routines include: Main Routine, 2 Cartridge Trick, Chip Trick, Thanks To Roth, For Kam, Shades Of Imagination 2.0, Mu Two Favs, Penguin Punch, Creation, Triple, Spellbound, and much more.

Comes complete with three regular game cartridges, a gimmicked game cartridge, a carrying case, and access to an online video tutorial. A Penguin Magic product.

“You can now do some of your favourite coin routines with objects that mean something to all audiences regardless of age! What a great idea Craig! I wish I had thought of it!” …Chris Congreave

Media Type Shipped Product

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