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Magic Button (Craig Petty)

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CARD MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

At its core this is an excellent way to end an Ambitious Card routine where every time they press the button their card jumps to the top of the deck until the big finale when the red button card is turned over to reveal that it is the signed selection.

The main routine: A card with a large, friendly red button is placed on the table at the very beginning of the routine. The magician explains that they will share the secret of how all magic works and the secret is the magic button. A card is selected, signed, and lost into the deck. When the spectator presses the magic button, their signed card appears on top of the deck. This can be done again with a visual appearance on top of the deck. For a finale, the spectator loses the card in the deck, shuffles it, and presses the magic button a final time. At first, the card is nowhere to be seen. Then, in an impossible moment, they can turn over the magic button card and discover their signed card has fused to the back of it, and they can even take it home as an impossible souvenir.

This is referred to as the Magic Button Project because you also get a bunch of extra gaffed cards that can be used for the other routines explained in the tutorial.

Routines include: Main Handling, Streamline Handling, Streamline Triumph, Wild Card Smash, Eye Button, Button Monte, Duplicating Button, Signature Button, Vanish, Brayden Dewese Handling, Button Sandwich, Button Stupidity, and Ambitious Button. Along with the routines you are also taught many of the techniques that are being used throughout.

Comes with a special deck of cards with all the gimmicks you will need to do all the routines, and access to an extensive video tutorial. A Penguin Magic product.

"This is the kind of magic that I love! Practical, commercial, and utterly fooling. The one magic button you need to press right now is the ‘buy’ button!" …Cameron Francis

Media Type Shipped Product

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