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Creative Card Magic Of William P. Miesel

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CARD MAGIC
  • Product Type: BOOK

After many years of contributing his creations to magic magazines Bill Miesel decided to write his first book that features his brand of card magic. The forward of the book explains his mission:

“The most important element of any magical effect is its entertainment value. Every one of these effects is designed to entertain someone. Most of them should prove entertaining to either a lay audience or and audience composed of magicians. Some are designed basically to be performed before magicians because of their surprise endings to familiar effects. A few may prove to be entertaining to the performer himself but may be lost on an audience. I feel that a couple of these are worthwhile it they amuse someone and provide inspiration, which they will, to others.”

Routines include:
I’ll Find It The Easy Way, An Ambitious Surprise, The Double Lift, Double Lift Second Deals, The Buckle, Introduction Of The Aces, The Progressive Aces, Still Thinking Of An Ace, Rapid-Fire Reversals, Loving Couples, An Alternate Puzzle, Colorfusing Monte, A Quick-Change Act, A Spade Of A Different Color, Count Down, Ambitious Five, Visual Transposition, Things Aren’t What They Seem, On The Make, Take Three, Unforseen Interchange, Turning Over Another Leaf, Down The River, Ten Hand Poker Deal, That’s Wild, Whole Deck-Wild Card, Wildest Dreams, Follow The Leader, Oil And Water, Oil Water And The Oil Barons, Face The Ace, Everywhere And Nowhere, Backward Everywhere And Nowhere, and The Rising Cards.

First Edition. Published by Unikorn Magik in 1980. 180-pages, 6x9 inch, hard-cover. Written by William P. Miesel with an introduction by Neal Elias.

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