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Multicolor Nesting Bottles

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: STAND-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

The title of this product also describes what it is. You get five bottles that nest into each other or in reverse you have one bottle that can be used to multiply into five.

The routine on the trailer is a variation of a Himber/Foster routine and is taught in the enclosed written instructions. But you can do a lot more with this set than what is on the video.

For example, you can easily keep all five bottles inside any production apparatus and produce them one at a time. The final bottle can also be used to hold an additional load and can even hold liquid that can be poured out at the end.

The labels on the bottles are basic but you can easily cover them with real labels or even print your own.

Comes with five metal bottles that range in size from 8.5”x3” to 10”x3.75” and a sheet of basic instructions. Limited Quantity.

Media Type Shipped Product

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Customer Reviews

  • Highly recommended.

    5 Stars

    Finally found some non alcohol bottles for my Family and Kid shows. They are very colorful and look great. Highly recommended.

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