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N-Stripper Deck

  • Difficulty: ADVANCED
  • Category: CARD MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK
  • BONUS: Video Tutorial

For a very long time the N-Stripper Deck has been a closely held secret among card cheaters and advanced card magicians.

Unlike any other type of deck that shares part of its name, these cards can be shuffled and cut by the spectator in any way they like. They can even be washed as they do in casinos.

After all the shuffling and cutting you can strip out the Aces, the Kings, and the Queens. The version I am offering here is the N3 or Three-Way Negative Stripper deck.

You will get a precision deck of Bicycle Cards that has been hand-gaffed by Steph. In addition to the cards you will get a 10-minute instructional video by Steph where he shows you how to use this very special deck. Currently available in Red or Blue Bicycle cards.

NOTE: The instructional video will be available immediately after purchase in your MyMagic media library.


  1. N-Stripper Deck Tutorial

Media Type Shipped Product

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