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Confabulating Confabulation (Quentin Reynolds)

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: MENTAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

A killer handling for a classic effect with a new kicker ending.

Alan Shaxon’s Confabulation is a classic of mentalism with many versions that run from boring to miraculous. This is perhaps the best method, presentation and has very subtle kicker endings that increase the impact.

Although you can use any presentation you like, Quentin’s goes like this: Before the routine starts, he talks about his grandmother who writes him all the time and always puts money in the envelope with the letter. He casually asks two people what they think his grandmother’s name is and if they can guess how much money she sent him the last time she wrote him. He also mentions that on a recent trip he got a rash.

The routine then begins with a spectator naming where Quentin’s rash is, a second spectator names what he did to cure it and a third spectator names how long it took to go away.

Another spectator is then asked up on stage and is shown a bunch of rubber banded letters and postcards. One of the envelopes is from Quentin’s grandmother and includes a full letter written to him about his health… the spectator reads the letter which talks about the location of the rash, what was done to cure it and how long it took. The letter matches everything the spectators said.

The routine is now over… except for two kicker endings. The letter is signed by his grandmother and her name is exactly what a previous spectator said. And inside the envelope is some cash which is the exact amount the other spectator said.

There are lots of comedic moments and subtleties that are left out of the above description but that is the basic effect.

Besides the kicker ending and a bonus prediction the method eliminated the need for double writing and carbon paper. It also makes possible for the prediction to be on a full-size paper which is more logical to be found in an envelope.

Comes with all the necessary gimmicks, an instructional booklet and an instructional DVD that will teach you how to use and perform everything and how to make more gimmicks of your own.

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