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Conjurer’s Wisdom (Joe Hernandez)

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This is a funny, entertaining and inspirational collection of more than 3,000 magical facts, fallacies, wit and confabulations by Joe Hernandez.
Open to any page, read any quote, and be ready to ponder about what magic is and is not. Explore these facts and fallacies, and read many of Joe’s favorite oxymorons, redundancies, euphemisms, opinions, questions, observations, and confabulations. Many are interesting thoughts, assumptions, musings, and some are downright dim-witted. As you read each quote, give it some thought, use them in your performance, combine a few or change the quote to fit your needs.
Published by Joe Dez Publications in 2019. 244 pages, 6x9 inch, softcover. Hand Autographed.
Joe Hernandez has created a wonderful, eye-opening, and humorous book of quotes that’s a must read for all magicians. ...Tom Gagnon
Conjurer’s Wisdom is quite the collection of magic related observances, witty sayings and advice. You’ll laugh, you’ll think, you might even change the way you perform. It’s a fun book written from the heart. ...David Malek
The perfect bedtime book. Open to any page and read amazing nuggets of wisdom that will make you think how to improve your magic. Conjurer’s Wisdom is a fantastic book well worth reading. If this book does not make you think about your magic, you don’t have a brain! ...Marc DeSouza
Joe has written an extensive and impressive collection of thought-provoking quotes that will make you laugh, ponder, and jumpstart your creative juices. Each page is full of small gems that will have you rethinking your approach to magic. ...Will Fern
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Customer Reviews

  • A book filled with humorous observations...

    5 Stars

    A book filled with humorous observations, facts and conundrums involving magic, it's performers and it's performances that you can take with you anywhere. Don't start reading from the first page. Just open the book up to any page and start enjoying it. You might want to have a highlighter with you to mark your favorites.

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  • Joe has put together a truly remarkable collection.

    5 Stars

    Definitely on my nightstand. Quotes of wisdom, insight and humor. A must for magicians and laypeople interested in the art form of magic. Joe has put together a truly remarkable collection. Job well done.

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  • This is a fun collection of pithy, smart, and wonderful quotes.

    5 Stars

    I’ve always enjoyed maxims and pensées. I thought I could never read enough of them. Generally speaking, when it comes to magic books, you can only find these thoughtful quotations at the beginning or end of a chapter or section. Then along comes Mr. Joe Hernandez with this collection of observations, wisdom and advice, with a few smiles sprinkled in here and there.

    This is a fun collection of pithy, smart, and wonderful quotes. This should be on every magician’s nightstand!

    D.V. Harris

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